Ergatta vs. Hydrow 2023 — Which Rower Is Better for You?

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In this article, I compare the Ergatta and the Hydrow rowing machine. These are two excellent entry-level rowers for your home gym. 

Ergatta vs. Hydrow — Which Rower Is Better for You?

As a personal trainer, I evaluated the workout programs, features, user experience, and cost. I determined which rower is best for every type of user. 

I found that Hydrow is the best rower for beginners and seniors because of its coached workouts, and it is comfortable to use.

Ergatta is for competitive users who want to compare their progress with others. It will change your perspective on fitness, as it has a game-like interface.

Whichever brand you choose, these devices will push you to improve your skills. It is just a matter of which brand will inspire you to be consistent in your workout.

Let’s start the Ergatta vs. Hydrow review!

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Features Ergatta Rower vs. Hydrow Rower

FeaturesErgatta RowerHydrow Rower
Dimensions86 x 23 x 40 in86 x 25 x 47 in
Monitor17.3 in Full HD Screen22 in Full HD Screen
Power RequirementCorded ElectricCorded Electric
Product Weight103 lbs (76.5 lbs without water)145 lbs
Maximum User Weight500 lbs375 lbs
Noise LevelQuietQuiet
MaterialPremium cherry woodAluminum and steel 
StorageCan be stored upright
Has transport wheels
Has a storage kit
Requires wall mounting
Warranty5-year warranty on frame
3-year warranty on parts
1-year warranty screen
30-day trial period
5-year warranty on frame
1-year warranty on parts
1-year warranty on screen
30-day trial period
Additional FeaturesBluetooth
Ergatta vs. Hydrow: Features

Construction Comparison

Size and Storage

Although the Hydrow rower is bigger than the Ergatta, the difference is not so significant. The two machines are almost equal in size, with only a few inch difference.

The main difference between these two rowing machines is that the Hydrow can’t stand upright for storage. You need to buy an additional storage kit, and it requires wall-mounting. 

The Ergatta has transport wheels and can be stored upright.

Winner Size and Storage Comparison

Ergatta is the winner, because it takes less space and is easy to store.


Ergatta is made of premium cherry wood, and it looks like furniture. It has an elegant and classy look that will blend perfectly in any room. 

Cherry wood is usually reddish-brown with a golden hue when it comes to appearance. It is resistant to rot and decay. The wood is also sturdy and can resist shock loads.

If you want a futuristic and modern aesthetic, try to look at Hydrow. It uses an aluminum steel frame with a flat anthracite polymer body. Plus, it uses high-quality polyester webbing for a super smooth and quiet operation.

Winner Material Comparison

This one will have to be a draw, as it all comes down to preference.


Ergatta and Hydrow have different styles of monorails. Ergatta has a straight monorail, while Hydrow has an inclined one. Rowing on an inclined monorail is more comfortable, especially if you row intensely. It is easier to make a full stroke on the Hydrow.  

If you have lower back problems, it is easier to row on the Hydrow. Your knees will be lower due to the incline, which results in lesser strain on your back.

The footplates on the Ergatta (9.75 in) are closer than those on the Hydrow (14.5 in). Both are comfortable. But if you have particularly wide hips, the Hydrow may be more comfortable.

Winner Monorail Comparison

Hydrow is the winner, because it is more comfortable to use.


Console Layout


The Hydrow screen is so big and clear that it feels like you are in your private mini-movie theater. It displays videos of your favorite coaches and different waterways around the world. Its high-quality video and sound effects offer a realistic feel of rowing on water.

 The monitor will show you the following metrics.

  • The duration of your workout.
  • Your split per 500 meters
  • Total distance rowed
  • Your heart rate
  • Calories burned 
  • The leaderboards to compare your workout with other rowers

The Ergatta has a high-resolution 17.3-inch screen that shows your workout metrics. The data displayed depends on your personalized workout routines. You’ll feel like you’re in a video game with its game-like graphics and rowing challenges.

Ergatta’s game-like interface gives you a competitive rowing experience. Hydrow focuses on giving you a realistic rowing experience with a coach to guide you.

Both Hydrow and Ergatta use Bluetooth connections for heart rate monitors and audio devices. Wi-Fi connection for streaming subscription content and other videos.

Winner Console Layout Comparison

This one will have to be a draw, as it all comes down to preference.



Water rowers like Ergatta are among the newest innovations in rowing-machine technology. Using water and paddles to create resistance, it is the smoothest of all rowing types. 

The resistance depends on how much water is in the tank. You have to add or drain the water to adjust. Water rowers are not the first choice of competitive rowers, but it charms home users who are aiming for a stylish look.

The Hydrow uses magnetic resistance. Magnetic rowers are quieter and more compact than other types. Hydrow is computer-guided, so the harder you pull the handle, the more resistance you get. It has the broadest resistance (from 0 to 300), which you can adjust digitally.

Winner Resistance Comparison

Hydrow is the winner, because it has a broader resistance level and is easier to adjust.

Workout Programs

This feature will definitely be a deal-breaker for you. The workout programs and rowing experience are different between the two.


Hydrow provide users with thousands of class-based workouts, from on-demand to live classes. You will follow along with coaches all over the world focusing on specific workouts. There are new workouts uploaded every day with on and off the rower contents.

There are 4 formats in their workouts: Breathe, Sweat, Drive, and Journey. 

  • Breathe workouts focus on cardio and endurance. The exercises are like a cardio session with 20-24 strokes per minute. This format is a low-to moderate-intensity workout. Training of Olympic athletes and Breathe workouts are similar.
  • Hydrow’s Sweat workouts are a great way to get a good burn, build up a sweat, and test your endurance. Sweat workouts are like the training of competitive rowers during the fall season. The rhythm is around 24-28 strokes per minute.
  • With Drive, you’ll have to push yourself further than you ever have before. The workout is the hardest among all categories, with 26-32 strokes per minute. It tests your limit because it has the highest rhythms and shortest intervals.
  • Hydrow Journeys offer a perfect low-impact workout for both body and mind. Row at your own pace and immerse in the sights, sounds, and the feel of being on the water. Enjoy the sound of your oars hitting the water and the peaceful background noise of nature.

The first three workouts are instructor-led classes and Journey is a free-row format.


Ergatta will change your perspective on fitness. It has game-like missions that you must complete before moving on to the next workout routine. This is an incentive for you to stay committed. 

You can calibrate the Ergatta by doing your first 2000-meter row. From there, the machine tailors your workout with different intensity zones.

On the Ergatta, there are various workout formats.

  • Push Programs: workout plans that build up to a final challenge.
  • Interval Training: HIIT workouts with customized targets and real-time feedback.
  • Races Workouts: head-to-head race against fellow Ergatta users.
  • Open Row: relaxed rowing at various destinations, with time or distance goals.

The Ergatta adjusts to your rowing ability with instantaneous responsiveness. Thus, your workout never feels too easy or too difficult, because it’s just right for you.

Winner Workout Program Comparison

This one will have to be a draw, as it all comes down to preference.

Weight Capacity

Ergatta is lightweight at 76.5 pounds (103 pounds when the tank is full). It can accomodate users up to 500 pounds. 

Hydro, on the other hand, is heavy at 145 pounds—so much so that you need two people to lift it. The weight limit is 375 pounds.

Winner Weight Capacity Comparison

Ergatta is the winner, because it has a higher weight limit and is lighter than the Hydrow.

Ergatta vs. Hydrow: The Winner

Which rower is the best overall?

I can say both rowers are great and worth considering for your home gym. But, after careful consideration, I have concluded that Hydrow is better than Ergatta.

Here are the reasons why Hydrow is the winner in this Ergatta vs. Hydrow review.

  • It has a broader resistance level and is easier to adjust. 
  • It is more comfortable to use.
  • It is excellent for beginners, as there will be coaches to guide you.
  • It has a high rating of over 7000+ five-star reviews on TrustPilot.
ergatta vs. hydrow
Ergatta vs. Hydrow

Which rower is best for YOU?

Which rower is best for your Budget?

Hydrow is more expensive than Ergatta, but the price difference is not that big. 

Also, both machines are more expensive than other brands of rowers. This is because they have state-of-the-art technologies and a top-notch user experience.

Ergatta has a paid membership that gives you access to their entire platform. You can access interactive workouts, real-time performance tracking, workout stats, and metrics. 

Hydrow’s paid membership offers unlimited access to over 3,000 workouts led by professional rowing coaches. It also hosts live classes every day and weekly races. Plus, a live leaderboard where you can compete against fellow rowers.

Which rower is best for your Fitness Goals?

Both machines are great rowers and will propel you to achieve your goals. The question is, what form of exercise will help you be consistent and inspire you to level up your game?

Hydrow’s class-based workouts are ideal for beginners or those who need instruction. It is also entertaining, because it features scenic views of waterways.

If you are an analytical person, or if you want to make sure you’re making progress, Ergatta is for you. Ergatta is for users who love to be in a competitive environment.

Hydrow’s adjustable handle height, broad seat, and ten roller system make it a better choice for seniors than the Ergatta. The seat height is higher for Hydrow, making it easier to get into and get off, especially if you have balance issues.

Which rower is best for your Fitness Level?

The Hydrow offers more resistance levels and instruction-led workouts. It is a great option for people just starting out or with lower intensity needs.  So Hydrow is excellent for beginners, seniors, and relaxing rowing.

Ergatta is perfect for competitive users who love challenges and the thrill of winning. Users who need immediate feedback on their progress. So Ergatta is for competitive, analytical, and progress-motivated users.

Both brands have their own social communities to help you improve your skills and promote engagement among rowers.

FAQ about Ergatta vs. Hydrow

  • Is Ergatta better than Hydrow?

    Ergatta and Hydrow have different workout programs and cater to different users. If you are a beginner or prefer coached workouts, I recommend the Hydrow. Ergatta has a game-like interface, so it appeals to competitive users. Overall, I think Hydrow is better. 

  • Can you watch Netflix on the Hydrow?

    No, you can’t watch Netflix on the Hydrow rower. The consoles do not support other streaming platforms such as (Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, etc.). You can’t also browse the internet or watch TV on the screen. The Hydrow screen is dedicated to supporting your workouts only. 

  • Can you watch Netflix on Ergatta?

    No, you can’t watch Netflix on the Ergatta rower. The console does not support third-party applications or streaming platforms yet. The Ergatta screen is dedicated to supporting your workouts only.

What to do next?

Ultimately, the best rowing machine for you is the one that meets all your needs and expectations. Both devices will provide a solid workout, but they differ in price, features, and feel.

Both brands are constantly developing their features, so expect exciting upgrades in the years to come.

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