The Best Leg Exerciser 2023: Reviews and Guide

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This article is our review of the best leg exercises to help you stay fit.

best leg exerciser
Best Leg Exerciser

The way to do exercises keeps evolving. You now have the possibility to put a machine under your desk and still move.

As a personal trainer, it surprises me how many different leg exercisers there are these days. I wasn’t aware, because you don’t see those in the gym. But they are great to keep moving while sitting.

So, I did a lot of research into every leg exercisers available. And I found that some can also support arm exercises.

My top picks include the following leg exercisers:

Top Pick
Seated Leg Exerciser

Best Seated Leg Exerciser


Passive leg machine

Two-speed settings

7.75-inch height

If it is hard for you to move your legs, then I recommend a seated leg exerciser like LegActivator. This passive leg machine causes vibrations and comes with two-speed settings.

Top Pick
Under-desk Elliptical

Best Under-desk Elliptical

Cubii Move

Burns up to 150 calories/hr

6 resistance levels

Access to Cubii Studio+

If you prefer an under-desk elliptical, try the Cubii Move. This machine simulates an elliptical machine while seated. It can help you burn up to 150 calories per hour and offers 6 levels of resistance.

Top Pick
Pedal Exerciser

Best Pedal Exerciser

Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser

Can be used for arms or legs

13-inch pedal height

Includes foot straps

If you prefer a pedaling motion like a bike, then the Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser might be a good choice. You can use this for your arms or legs, and it offers adjustable resistance.

Top Pick
Hand Arm Leg & Knee Peddler

Best Hand Arm Leg & Knee Peddler

Nisdokr Pedal Exerciser Bike

For arms and legs simultaneously

Adjustable height

Include foot straps and ergonomic handles

If you want to move your arms and legs simultaneously, consider the Nisdokr Pedal Exerciser Bike. It comes with two sets of pedals, and the resistance is also adjustable.

For more information about these machines, continue reading below.

Table of Contents

8 Best Leg Exercisers

Seated leg exerciser

The seated leg exerciser is a passive exercise machine, so it does not require any effort on your part. The machine works your leg muscles while you sit back and relax. 

This device can help improve mobility and blood flow to your legs. It is best used by people recovering from an injury or surgery who need help with their mobility. 


DimensionsLength: 14.5 in (36.83 cm)
Width: 12.5 in (31.75 cm)
Height: 7.75 in (19.69 cm)
Product Weight10 lbs (4.54 kg)
Speed1410 steps every 30 minutes
1650 steps every 30 minutes
Operation ModeAutomatic
WarrantyNot Specified

The LegActivator will keep your legs moving through continuous vibrations. These movements help prevent leg cramps, leg inflammation, and back pain. It also helps improve your blood circulation.

This passive-leg exerciser machine has two-speed settings: 1410 steps and 1650 steps in 30 minutes. It is also easy to use, you only need to plug it in, place your feet, and choose a speed setting.

The height of this machine is 7.75 inches, which is low enough not to strain your legs when in use. It requires a power output of 110 watts and weighs 10 pounds. 

LegXercise Max

FeaturesLegXercise Max
DimensionsLength: 18.5 in (46.99 cm)
Width: 16 in (40.64 cm)
Height: 8.25 in (20.96 cm)
Product Weight10.6 lbs (4.8 kg)
Speed70 steps per min 
Operation ModeAutomatic
WarrantyOne-Year Warranty

The LegXercise MAX has a patented Walking Simulator Propulsion Technology, which provides constant movement on your feet. This automatic leg exercise machine soothes discomfort and helps improve circulation in your legs.

It moves up 70 steps per minute or 4200 steps per hour, which is equivalent to a 1.7-mile walk. This allows you to exercise without moving an inch from your seat.

The machine has a height of 8.25 inches, which is higher than the LegActivator. If you are a tall person, the LegXercise MAX might be more comfortable to use. 

Under-desk ellipticals

Like seated leg exercisers, you can work your legs while sitting on an under-desk elliptical. Other people refer to this machine as a seated elliptical. 

It provides a smooth gliding motion on your legs and requires some effort while pedaling. The machine fits under your desk, so you can use it while you work. 

Cubii Move

FeaturesCubii Move
Dimension‎Length: 21.7 in (55.12 cm)
Width: 19.7 in (50.04 cm)
Height: 9.7 in (24.64 cm)
Product Weight17.6 lbs (7.98 kg)
Weight Capacity250 lbs (113.4 kg)
Pedal Height7.5 in (19.05 cm)
Display LCD
Warranty1 Year
Other FeaturesMat 
Foot Strap
Cubii App 

The Cubii Move provides a smooth elliptical motion on your legs. It offers up to 6 resistance levels and has a whisper-quiet design so you can work out in peace.

According to Cubii, this machine can help you burn up to 150 calories per hour. This portable elliptical strengthens up to 8 key muscle groups without too much strain on your joints.

You can also access the Cubii Studio+, which houses 10, 20, and 30-minute classes taught by expert trainers. The built-in display tracks your number of strides, calories burned, distance, speed, and time.

This compact machine weighs less than 20 pounds, so you can bring it anywhere.

Rotai Under Desk Elliptical Machine

FeaturesRotai Under Desk Elliptical Machine
Dimension‎Length: 18 in (45.72 cm)
Width: 14 in (35.56 cm)
Height: 10 in (25.4 cm)
Product Weight52 lbs (23.59 kg)
Weight CapacityNot Specified
Pedal Height11 in (27.94 cm)
Display LCD
Warranty2 Years

The Rotai Under Desk Elliptical Machine can work your legs in two settings: manual and automatic. You can use the manual setting if you want to do the pedaling.

Or use the automatic and let the machine work your legs without putting any effort. You can also pedal forward or in reverse.

It comes with a remote and a built-in display, so you don’t have to bend down when adjusting the settings. You can use it at home or in your office, as it is compact and has a silent operation.

It also comes with four defined sponges set at the bottom to make it stable. And the transportation wheels make it easy to move around. 

Pedal exerciser

If under-desk ellipticals are the seated version of ellipticals, pedal exercisers are also the seated version of bikes. You can use this machine for your legs or arms, while mimicking the pedal motion of bikes. 

Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser

FeaturesVaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser
Dimension‎Length: 18.25 in (16.36 cm)
Width: 15.2 in (38.61 cm)
Height: 11.25 in ( cm)
Product Weight5.15 lbs (28.58 kg)
Pedal Height13 in (33.02 cm)
ResistanceLight to Medium
Weight CapacityNot Specified
Display LCD
Warranty1 Year

The Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser has a pedal that includes foot straps to prevent slippage. You can use it for your legs and arms, just place it on the floor or over a table. 

This pedal exerciser has a low wide base and anti-slip feet to keep it stable when in use. The heavy-duty frame reduces the shaky motion. 

You can adjust the resistance using the tension knob to make it easier or harder to pedal. Plus, it is compact and foldable to save space.

If you plan to use it under your desk, this leg exercise machine requires a height clearance of 13 inches.

Hausse Folding Exercise Peddler

FeaturesVaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser
Dimension‎Length: 20.7 in (52.58 cm)
Width: 14.2 in (36.07 cm)
Height: 13 in (33.02 cm)
Product Weight6.61 lbs (3 kg)
Pedal HeightNot Specified
Weight CapacityNot Specified
Display LCD
Warranty80-Day Warranty

The Hausse Folding Exercise Peddler increases blood circulation and muscle strength in your legs and arms. The LCD monitors your exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute (rpm), and calories burned. 

It also comes with an adjustable knob to set the resistance level, allowing you to gradually increase it as your strength increases. The feet of this exercise machine are triangular and have anti-skid pads to keep it stable. 

If you plan to use it under your desk, this leg exerciser requires a minimum table height of 47 inches.

Hand arm leg & knee peddler

If you want to involve other body parts in your exercise, this machine is a great option. You can use it to work your arms, legs, and knees simultaneously while sitting.

Nisdokr Pedal Exerciser Bike

FeaturesNisdokr Pedal Exerciser Bike 
Dimension‎Length: 18.70 in ( cm)
Width: 15.87 in ( cm)
Height: 28.35 – 36.42 in ( cm)
Product Weight9.60 lbs (4.35 kg)
Weight Capacity200 lbs (90.72 kg)
Display LCD
Warranty2 Years
Other FeaturesHand Massage Roller
Anti-Skid Pedal

The Nisdokr Pedal Exerciser Bike comes with two sets of pedals: one for your legs and the other for your arms. You can also pedal simultaneously or one pedal at a time.

The leg pedals come with a strap to avoid slippage when in use. And the arm pedal has textured handles so that you can grip them more easily. You can adjust the height of the arm pedal to your comfort.

The LCD monitor shows your revolution count (reps), time, calories burned, distance, and total count (total reps). The base of this exercise machine includes four anti-slip rubbers, so it will stay in place even when you pedal hard. 

Cozylifeunion Pedal Exerciser

FeaturesCozylifeunion Pedal Exerciser
Dimension‎Length: 15 in (38.1 cm)
Width: 14.2 in (36.07 cm)
Height: 29.3-34.6 in (74.42-87.88 cm)
Product Weight9.4 lbs (4.26 kg)
Weight CapacityNot Specified
Display LCD
Warranty2 Years
Other FeaturesHand Massage RollerAnti-Skid Pedal

The Cozylifeunion Pedal Exerciser also comes with two sets of pedals. Like Nisdokr, you can adjust the height of the arm pedal so you don’t have to lean forward. 

The LCD displays your time, revolution count, revolutions per minute (rpm), and calories burned. The texture handles and pedals with foot straps make it comfortable to use and easy to hold on to.

It also comes with a non-skid feet pad to keep the pedal exerciser in place.  You can adjust your workout intensity using the tension knob above the arm pedals.

What to look for in the best leg exerciser?

Type of exercise

When looking for a leg exercise machine, the type of exercise or motion it provides is one of the priorities, especially if you have limited mobility.

In a nutshell, here is an overview of the type of motion each machine provides:

  • Seated Leg Exerciser: Uses vibration and requires minimal effort.
  • Under-desk Ellipticals: Requires a smooth elliptical gliding motion that is not hard on your joints.
  • Pedal Exerciser: Requires a pedaling motion like bikes, and is a bit harder than an under-desk elliptical.
  • Hand Arm Leg & Knee Peddler: Requires a pedaling motion on your arms and legs.

So if you want to focus on your lower limbs, use the first three pieces of equipment. But if you want to exercise your arms, you can use the hand, leg & knee peddler or the pedal exerciser.

Depending on how strong your limbs are, you can choose accordingly. Of course, seek medical advice from your physician on which leg exerciser is safe for you to use.

Resistance and speed

These leg exercisers have different resistance levels and speed settings. This is a good feature to look for, as it gives you workout variety and helps build up your strength, 

You can also use it for a longer period, as you don’t outgrow them right away,


Since you use leg exercisers while seated, there is a high chance that you will move around. You can use it in your office, in the living room, or even in your bedroom. 

So you should also ensure the machine is lightweight and portable. This way, you can easily move it from one place to another.

I added the weight information for each product on this list, so you can check it out and compare which machine is better suited for you.

Comfort and adjustability.

As with any exercise machine, it is essential that your machine is comfortable to use and has some adjustability features. Look out for features like foot straps, height adjustments, and ergonomic handles.

These features will allow you to enjoy longer workout sessions. 

Noise level

The last thing you want is a noisy exercise machine, especially when at home or in the office, as you might disturb other people. So look out for machines that are relatively quiet in their operation.

Price and warranty

The price of an exercise machine is a big consideration, and you shouldn’t spend more than what you can afford. On the other hand, it is also important that you don’t skimp on quality and warranty, because it will only lead to problems in the long run.

Which Leg Exercise Machine Is Best Overall?

Seated leg exerciser

If you are looking for a seated leg exerciser, I recommend the LegActivator. The leg exerciser comes with two-speed settings: 410 steps and 1650 steps in 30 minutes. 

And the 7.75-inch height is low enough not to strain your legs during the exercise.

Under-desk ellipticals

If you are looking for an under-desk elliptical, the Cubii Move is a great machine to consider. It offers 6 resistance levels and can burn up to 150 calories per hour.

This leg machine works up to 8 key muscle groups. It also comes with the Cubii Studio+, where you can access 10, 20, and 30-minute classes.

Pedal exerciser

If you are looking for a pedal exerciser, the Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser is a good choice. This machine can work out your arm and legs and provides adjustable resistance. It is also compact and foldable.

Hand arm leg & knee peddler

If you are looking for a Hand Arm Leg & Knee Peddler, consider the Nisdokr Pedal Exerciser Bike. It comes with two sets of pedals: for your arms and legs. The resistance is adjustable, and it also includes foot straps and textured handles.

FAQs About The Best Leg Exercise

  • Are leg exercise machines any good?

    Leg exercise machines can improve the strength and circulation of your lower limbs. If you want to isolate your exercise to your legs, then having leg exercises is a good idea. 

  • Is it good to do leg exercises everyday?

    Generally, it is advisable to exercise your legs every other day at most. This allows your muscles to recover and build up strength. 

  • Are leg machines better than squats?

    Each exercise has its own benefits. The squat is an effective exercise for your whole body and is commonly integrated into cardio workouts. While leg machines are for aerobic or strength exercises aiming to isolate the leg muscles. 

What to do next?

Leg exercises are a great way to firm up your legs and tone your thighs. They are also beneficial for people with knee injuries or who are recovering from surgery.

These machines allow you to exercise regardless of your physical limitations and will help you get back into shape. But before trying out any of these machines, consult your physician first.

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