Echelon vs. Peloton 2023: Which Bike Should You Buy?

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This article compares Peloton and Echelon bikes to help you determine which one is right for you. We have chosen the basic model for each brand for our comparison: Echelon EX-15 and Peloton Bike. 

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I looked at the similarities and differences between these two brands from a personal trainer’s perspective. I considered factors such as resistance, workout programs, and console, which are essential features to look for on a bike. 

Let me help you find the brand that fits your needs and preferences.

Peloton and Echelon bikes are two of the most popular brands of exercise bikes. Both offer live and on-demand cycling classes, but each has a few features that set it apart. 

  • Echelon EX-15

    Smart Bike Echelon EX-15
    • On demand cycling classes
    • Beginner friendly
    • Easy to use
    • Budget friendly
    • Product weight: 88 lbs
    • SPD-compatible pedals
    • 32 levels of magnetic resistance
    • Connect to your iPad
    • Membership required
  • Peloton

    Peloton Bike
    • On demand cycling classes
    • Beginner friendly
    • Easy to use
    • More expensive than Echelon
    • Product weight: 135 lbs
    • Delta-compatible aluminum pedals
    • 100 levels of magnetic resistance
    • Immersive touch screen
    • Membership required

Both brands are beginner-friendly bikes; they are easy to use and navigate. You need a membership to use the bikes and join the classes.

An important difference is that the Peloton bike comes with a large touch screen. And the Echelon bike doesn’t. But this of course translates into the price, the Echelon EX-15 is significantly cheaper.

There are other differences, like the weight of the bike and the pedal click system. Let’s start with the Echelon vs. Peloton review.

Table of Contents

Features Echelon vs. Peloton

Dimension20.28 x 10 x 37.8 in23 × 59 x 53 in
Product Weight88 lbs135 lbs
Maximum User Weight300 lbs297 lbs
Displaynon21.5-inch HD Touchscreen 
PedalsSPD-compatible pedalsDelta-compatible aluminum pedals
SeatLever-adjusted competition seatFully adjustable sports series saddle
Resistance32 levels of magnetic resistance100 levels of manually controlled magnetic resistance
Warranty12-month limited parts and labor5-year on the frame
12-month limited parts and labor
Other FeaturesUSB 2.0
Water Bottle Holders
Dumbbell Rack
Shoe Clips 
Toe Cage
Adjustable Handlebars
Adjustable Handlebars
Tilting Screen
Features Echelon vs. Peloton

Functionality Comparison

Workout Programs


Peloton’s all-access membership lets you stream classes from the comfort of your home. You can set up individual profiles so your whole family can get on board.

You can enjoy the following workout features with Peloton:

  • Live Weekly Classes – You can experience the energy of a live class with real-time shout outs from your coaches.
  • On-Demand Library –  Find a ride that fits your schedule; classes range from 5 to 90 minutes long.
  • Top Instructors –  Join the class and ride with top instructors from yoga, cycling, bike boot camp, and cardio classes.
  • Diverse Class Types –  Spice up your workouts by alternating your themes, adding difficulty levels, and changing the music genre.
  • Peloton App –  Track your progress with the Peloton App. You can access it from any device and choose from thousands of workout classes.

You can join a global community of Echelon users with their paid membership. Memberships are available for monthly, annual, and two-year subscriptions.

You can enjoy the following features with Echelon:

  • World-Class Instructors – From celebrity and guest coaches to your Echelon instructors, you’ll get expert coaching and dynamic motivation
  • Live + On-Demand Classes – There’s a class for your fitness level and workout preference, from the most intense workouts to the most relaxing.
  • Performance Tracking – Sync your performance to Apple Health, and then challenge yourself on the Leaderboard.
  • Trending Music – Listen to top record labels to bring you the latest music for your best workouts.

Winner Workout Program Comparison

No clear winner here. Both bikes have so many classes. And new classes are added often. I’m sure you will find classes you like with both brands.  


When looking for an exercise bike, resistance is a crucial element that you should look for. Peloton’s resistance level ranges from 0 to 100, with 0 being the easiest and 100 being the hardest. So, Peloton can accommodate riders at several fitness levels.

Echelon offers fewer resistance choices. But, it still provides enough variety of 32 levels of magnetic resistance to keep users engaged.

Winner Resistance Comparison

Peloton is the winner, because it offers more resistance levels.

Weight Capacity

The Echelon Bike has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, while Peloton has a weight limit of 297 lbs. Their maximum user capacity does not have a significant difference. But, it might give you peace of mind if you go for a higher weight capacity, especially if your weight is close to the limit.

Winner Weight Capacity Comparison

Echelon is the winner, because it has a higher weight capacity (but only 3 lbs difference).

Console Comparison

Console Layout

The Echelon doesn’t have a built-in display. Instead, they feature an adjustable tablet holder that lets you stream workouts from your personal device.

Peloton Bike’s screen tilts to accommodate users of all heights. You’ll get a face-to-face view of instructors on a sweatproof 22″ HD touchscreen.

Winner Console Layout Comparison

Peloton is the winner, because it has a large tilting HD touchscreen that adjusts to your height. 

Construction Comparison


Both bikes are similar in size, with only a few inches difference. Peloton (135 lbs) is heavier than Echelon (88 lbs). So Echelon is easier to move around. 

If the product weight is your concern, then go for the Echelon. But, I recommend you consider the Peloton. When it comes to these bikes, the weight helps with stability. If you plan to do some intense workout, then a stable bike should be one of your considerations.

Winner Size Comparison

Echelon is the winner, because it is lighter than Peloton and thus easier to move around. Both bikes are similar in size.



Both bikes have frames made of steel, a material commonly used in gym equipment. So both bikes are durable.


The Peloton Bike uses Delta-compatible cleats. You can attach the cleats to the bottom of your Peloton shoes or any pair of bike shoes with a 3-screw hole setup. You have to buy these cleats separately from the bike to use it. 

The sole purpose of cleats is to allow cyclists to clip their shoes in and out of their pedals. Using cleats while biking gives your feet comfort and allows natural and fluid movement that can help prevent ankle injury.

Using cleats can help you pedal faster. Wearing cleats ensures you use more leg power, because it transfers your power inputs when you push down and pulls up your feet as you pedal.

If you want to use a different pedal, you can attach them to the bike. The Peloton Bike uses a standard 9/16″ pedal connection.

Echelon bikes include SPD-compatible cleats on one side and toe cages on the other. A cage pedal is a device that surrounds your toes. It allows you to use them to push up or down on the pedal stroke. 

So if you don’t have bike shoes, you can use the toe cage pedal.


Peloton bikes use an adjustable sports series saddle, while Echelon uses a lever-adjusted competition seat. This helps you adjust your seat to your height for biking comfort and less strain on your back.

Both bikes come with adjustable seats, and you can replace these seats with standard ones.

Winner Material Comparison

No clear winner with regards to the construction materials of the bikes.

What do customers say?

Both Echelon and Peloton have high user ratings on Amazon (4.5 out of 5).

Which exercise bike is best for YOU?

This review of the Echelon vs. Peloton gives you a detailed look at which bike is most suitable for your needs. Here are other factors to consider.

Which exercise bike is best for your Budget?

Peloton is more expensive than Echelon. 

Peloton is famous for its high-tech features, and it sure comes with a price. One of the reasons why Echelon is cheaper is that it does not have a built-in console. You have to connect your own device to the bike in order to access classes and track your progress.

Peloton bikes use delta-compatible cleats for their pedals. So, if you don’t have a pair of bike shoes with a 3-screw hole setup, you can buy one on their website. The shoes are an additional cost for you.

Delta cleats form a triangular shape because it has three holes, while SPDs form an oval shape with two holes. You can recess SPD cleats to walk in them for short distances after biking. Delta cleats cannot recess.

SPD clips are the prevailing clips for indoor spinning and most cycling studios. These are one of the reasons why Peloton users change their pedals into SPD-compatible ones. Delta cleats are primarily designed only for Peloton bikes.

Echelon uses SPD-compatible pedals and adjustable toe cages. So, if you don’t have the shoes for cleats, you can use the toe cage instead. Toe cages are compatible with any shoes. 

Which exercise bike is best for your Fitness Goals?

Type of Workout

Choosing the best exercise bike depends on which type of workout you want.

Peloton offers both cardio and strength-style workouts, with various class types and instructors to choose from. Due to efficient power transfer, Delta cleats of Peloton are great for competitive cycling.

Echelon has more variety. It does not have a built-in console, and you have to use your device. Although you might consider it a drawback, there is a positive side to it. You can explore any media on your device. You can listen to music or podcasts, read e-books, and watch movies or classes while working out. You are not limited to workout classes alone; you can also do some recreational activities.


Peloton has an active Facebook group of over 468000 plus members. There are around 70+ posts daily in the group about users who are eager to share their testimonials and tips and celebrate their progress. 

Echelon’s Facebook community is growing, with 30000 plus members and 30+ posts each day. Here you can share your recent wins, stay up to date and connect with other users.

Joining an active community can motivate you to be consistent and achieve your goals. If you need help from others to stay accountable, Peloton’s community is more involved.

Which exercise bike is best for your Fitness Level?

As I have mentioned before, Peloton caters to users of all fitness levels. It has a resistance level of up to 100. It is an excellent exercise bike for beginners and you can use it in the long run as you level up. Echelon has 32 levels of resistance which is enough variety for you.

Peloton instructors will tell you exactly when to add resistance and what number you should be at a given point. Echelon instructors give riders a little more freedom. They won’t specify resistance levels during rides; you choose your own. 

So, if you prefer a workout that gives you some liberty to adjust, then go for Echelon. But, if you prefer a guided workout, especially if you are just starting out, then Peloton is good for you.

FAQ about Echelon vs. Peloton

  • Is Echelon as good as Peloton?

    Whether you choose an Echelon or Peloton bike, both will get you into shape and provide you with an incredible workout. Peloton has better features like more resistance levels, a built-in tilting touchscreen, and a more active community. And these features come with a price. If you don’t have the budget for a Peloton, Echelon is a great alternative.

  • Which app is better: Echelon or Peloton?

    Both brands offer a wide range of classes, and new classes are often added. Each brand tailored the classes to its own bike, so you will find that the classes are not exactly the same. However, the Peloton membership fee is more expensive than Echelon. 

  • Can I watch Netflix on Echelon bike?

    Yes, you can access Netflix on the Echelon app. Other streaming platforms are also available, such as Disney+, Hulu, and Samsung.

What to do next?

When deciding between Peloton and Echelon, the choice often comes down to the budget, workout programs, and instructor preferences. Preview classes and instructors at each brand, especially if you rely on workout classes. 

Try to do a test run before purchasing. The only way to understand the rider’s experience is by taking one for a spin.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Happy training in your home gym!
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