7 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Your Home Gym 2023

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This is our review of the best recumbent exercise bikes for your home gym.

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Recumbent exercise bikes are popular for warming up, gentle exercise, and low-impact cardiovascular conditioning. With so many new bikes on the market today and tons of features, it can be tough to choose.

As a personal trainer, I have reviewed the entry-level and practical recumbent bikes that will fit your home gym. I considered training options, price and available features of these bikes.

  • Dominant brand for recumbent bikes
  • 29 pre-programmed workouts
  • 25 levels of resistance
  • Built-in fans and speakers
  • Compatible with Explore the World app

If you’re looking for a bike for both recreation and training, take a look at the Schwinn 270.

You have your own deciding factor when choosing gym equipment. So I have reviewed the best recumbent exercise bike in every category.

Let’s start with the review.

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7 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Your Home Gym

Best Overall: Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

FeaturesSchwinn 270 Recumbent Bike
Dimensions64 x 27.7 x 50 in (162.5 x 70.3 x 126.8 cm)
Product Weight86.6 lbs (39.3 kg)
ConsoleLCD Display
Weight Capacity300 lbs (136 kg)
Maximum Height37.5 in (95.25 cm)
Resistance25 levels of magnetic resistance
MaterialCarbon Steel
Workout Programs29 Fitness Programs
Power SourceCorded Electric
Warranty10-year frame
2-year parts
1-year electronics
90-day labor
Other FeaturesUSB Port
Built-in Fan
Device Holder
Transport Wheels
Built-In Bottle Holder
Schwinn Trainer App
Bluetooth Connectivity
Heart-rate grip sensors
VR Compatible via Explore the World
High-speed and High Inertia Drive system
Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Overall

Schwinn 270 is arguably the most dominant brand when it comes to recumbent bikes. 

It has a unique combination of features that are suitable for both recreation and extreme workout. 

For instance, it offers 29 pre-programmed workouts, 25 levels of resistance, built-in fans, and speakers that will help you enjoy your cycling experience.

It is Virtual Reality compatible, which means you can explore anywhere on your bike via Explore the World. There are fifty-plus global routes that will auto-adjust in real-time to your speed.

Although Schwinn 270 offers a ton of features and a heavy-duty steel frame, it does not come with a hefty price tag. No wonder it is on everyone’s top list.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for your Budget: Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Bike

FeaturesMarcy ME 709 Recumbent Bike
Dimensions58 x 20 x 38 in (147.32 x 50.8 X 96.52 cm)
Product Weight61 lbs (27.7 kg)
ConsoleLCD Display
Weight Capacity300 lbs (136 kg)
Resistance8 levels of magnetic resistance
Workout Programsnone
Power SourceBattery
Warranty2-year frame (limited)
Other FeaturesTransport Wheels
Pedals with adjustable strap
Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for your Budget

The Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Bike has all the standard features of a top-of-the-line exercise bike—and it is the most affordable bike. 

This bike will guarantee you a smooth ride with its weighted, counter-balanced pedals and adjustable straps. The transport wheels and a compact design will allow you to store the bike in any corner.

It has eight preset resistance levels. To let you burn fat, increase stamina, and get fit—all from the comfort of your own home.

Marcy 709 has no training programs, unlike Schwinn and other bikes. But, if you are tight on your budget, Marcy 709 is the cheapest recumbent bike so far.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Intense Workout: NordicTrack Commercial VR25 Recumbent Bike

FeaturesNordicTrack Commercial VR25 Recumbent Bike
Dimensions68 x 21.75 x 60 in (172.72 x 55.25 x 152.4 cm)
Product Weight192 lbs (87 kg)
ConsoleSmart HD Touchscreen
Weight Capacity350 lbs (158.8 kg)
Resistance26 levels of magnetic resistance
Workout Programs35 On-board Workouts
Power SourceCorded Electric
Warranty10-Year Frame Warranty
2-Year Parts Warranty
1-Year Labor Warranty
Other Features30-Day iFIT Family Membership
Transport Wheels
Water Bottle Holder
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
EK Grip Pulse
Chest Strap
Pivoting Tablet Holder
Workout Fan
AC Adapter
Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Intense Workout

NordicTrack Commercial VR25 Recumbent Bike is the best bike for intense workouts.

It features 26 levels of resistance, automatic trainer control, and 35 onboard programs you can use to dial in your workout. The pulse grip and chest strap allow you to track your heart rate. 

It is equipped with a Smart HD Touchscreen and pivoting device holder to stream your favorite cycling classes. 

The heavy-duty steel frame makes it sturdy enough to endure long training sessions. At the same time, its sleek design will look great in your home gym.

You will never be bored – this bike is endlessly challenging.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Small Spaces: Lanos X–Bike

FeaturesLanos X–Bike
Dimensions32x 20 x 41 in (81.28 x 50.8 x 104.14 cm)
Product Weight45 lbs (20.4 kg)
ConsoleLCD Monitor
Weight Capacity300 lbs (136 kg)
Adjustability 2 cycling positions: recumbent and upright
Resistance10 levels of magnetic resistance
MaterialAlloy Steel
Workout Programsnone
Power SourceBattery
Other FeaturesHeart-rate sensors built on the handle bars
Device Holder
Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Small Spaces

The Lanos X-Bike is a foldable bike that is perfect for limited spaces.

The bike folds to half of its assembled size and has front wheels for easy transport and storage.  If you live in a small space or don’t want your bike to stand out, you can fold it and store it out of sight. 

You can adjust an exercise bike into two positions: upright and recumbent. The upright exercise bike is great for getting your heart rate up and working your cardio. The recumbent bike is more comfortable, which helps reduce muscle soreness in your upper body.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Therapy: Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike

FeaturesSunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike
Dimensions56 x 25 x 41 in (142.24 x 63.5 x 104.14 cm)
Product Weight57.7 lbs (26.17 kg)
ConsoleDigital Monitor
Weight Capacity240 lbs (108.8 kg)
Resistance8 levels of magnetic resistance
MaterialAlloy Steel
Workout Programsnone
Power SourceBattery
Warranty3 Year Structural Frame
180 Days Parts
Other FeaturesDevice Holder
Pulse Grips
Transport Wheels
Sunny Fit App
Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Therapy

Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent Bike is recommended for senior users and therapy.

The bike’s wide and adjustable seat comes with lumbar support to help you work out for hours on end. It comes with a step-through design that involves minimal leg movement.

Pedal on with ease, while you exercise with the foot strap holding your feet firmly in place. Grip the padded handlebars to keep a solid grip and stay balanced while biking.

Achieve a hassle-free workout with this recumbent bike.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Comfort: Horizon Fitness Comfort R Recumbent Bike

Horizon Fitness Comfort R Recumbent Bike
FeaturesHorizon Fitness Comfort R Recumbent Bike
Dimensions65 x 26 x 53 in (165.1 x 66.04 x 134.62 cm)
Product Weight99 lbs (44.9 kg)
Weight Capacity350 lbs (158.8 kg)
Resistance16 levels of magnetic resistance
Workout Programs10 Programs
Power SourceCorded Electric
WarrantyLifetime frame
1-year parts
1-year labor
Other FeaturesPulse Grip
Built-in Speakers
Energy Saver Mode
Reading Rack
Water Bottle Holder
Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Comfort

The Horizon Comfort R, as the name suggests, is one of the most comfortable bikes to ride on. The perfect bike for low-impact workouts at home.

With its extra-large seat and lumbar support, this bike lets you get a smooth and comfortable workout that fits your needs and your body. The self-leveling foot straps and ergonomic grips will keep you stable every time.

Plus, it comes with a reading rack so you can read while biking.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Beginners: Vanswe RB001 Recumbent Bike

FeaturesVanswe RB001 Recumbent Bike
Dimensions45 × 20 × 40 in (114.3 x 50.8 x 101.6 cm)
Product Weight53 lbs (24.04 kg)
Weight Capacity380 lbs (172.37 kg)
Resistance16 levels of magnetic resistance
MaterialAlloy Steel, Plastic
Workout Programsnone
Power SourceBattery
Warranty10 years for frame3 months for pad
Other FeaturesBluetooth
Free Fitness Data
Device Holder
Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Beginners

VANSWE RB001 Recumbent Bike is the best bike for beginners, because it is easy to use and is very affordable.

It has all the features you need to start out your fitness goals, such as 16 levels of resistance, a monitor to track your metrics, and a free fitness data app.

The bike’s thick and soft seat cushion and backrest provide comfort to your body and ensure that you are sitting correctly.

Among all the recumbent bikes on this list, VANSWE RB001 has the highest weight capacity. This means that it will keep you stable and is perfect for intense workout routines.

7 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Your Home Gym
Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Your Home Gym

What to consider when buying a Recumbent Bike?

Size and space

When choosing a recumbent bike, it’s important to keep in mind how much space you have at home. These bikes come in all shapes and sizes—from bulky ones to streamlined models that take up less space. There are those which are foldable as well.

Take note of their weight, especially if you plan on constantly moving or storing them somewhere.


Like any other gym equipment, it is important to make sure that your recumbent bike is durable. Metals like steel and aluminum are the most common materials used in gym equipment. But, there are those made of plastic also. 

Always check the weight capacity of these bikes and make sure they can handle your routines. Choose bikes that do not break easily so you can use them for a long time and will not cause you injury.

Ease of Use

You will use these bikes throughout your fitness journey, so it’s best to make sure that it is comfortable to use. Some recumbent bikes have adjustable seats, lumbar support, and foot straps. 

Try to figure out which feature will be most beneficial for you. For instance, if you struggle with back pain, it is best to choose a bike that has lumbar support.

Match your physique with the bike as well. Some are fit for taller users, while others are for short users. If you are bulky, there are bikes that have extra-large seats and high weight capacity. 

Price and Warranty

Your budget is another factor to consider. High-tech recumbent bikes are definitely more expensive than the standard ones. 

Ideally, you will choose the recumbent bike that you can afford and will give you the features you need. 

To ensure that your bikes will last a long time, always check the warranties offered by the brand. This is important so that you will get your money’s worth and there will be no extra cost for you in case the bike is damaged. There are brands that will give you a lifetime warranty, while others offer a limited number of days.

Which Recumbent Bike is best overall?

Recumbent bikes are a must-have in any home gym. You can choose from a wide range of models, each with its own unique features and functions. 

After reviewing each brand, I have found that Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is the best overall.  

  • It has all the training options you need, like the 25 levels of resistance, 29 training programs, and the Schwinn Trainer App. 
  • It can keep you entertained because it has a speaker, is Bluetooth-enabled, and is compatible with virtual reality.
  • With all the available features for you, it is also not pricey compared to the other brands.

FAQ about the best recumbent exercise bike

  • What are the disadvantages of a recumbent bike?

    The disadvantages of a recumbent bike are its cost, and it gives less intense exercise than a regular exercise bike. A recumbent bike is more expensive than an exercise bike, and has a reclining seat to make it senior-friendly. It provides less intense exercise, which is easy on the joints.

  • Are recumbent exercise bikes any good?

    A recumbent bike is still a bike. You can still get the benefits of biking. Recumbent bikes have just some features that reduce the strain on users and make them senior-friendly.

  • Which is better: stationary bike or recumbent?

    In general, if you are looking for a good cardio machine that will work up a sweat in a short amount of time, then you should go with a stationary bike. However, if you are looking for a more comfortable and less strenuous bike to use, then recumbent bikes are for you.

What to do next?

If you’re thinking of buying a recumbent bike, you should consider the many options available to you. There is a long list of brands in the market. This is just a guide to help you choose and my recommendations as a personal trainer.

Consider the machine that gives you the value for your money—one that’s not only durable but also does what you need it for.

If you need more information in choosing the best recumbent exercise bike, check out this home gym equipment guide.

If you have any questions about recumbent bikes, please contact me, and I will be happy to help you.

Happy training in your home gym!
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